Moped and Light Motorcycle DVS Inspection

In March 2019, the States of Jersey introduced periodic road-worthiness testing for scooters and motorcycles up to 125cc - known as 'Periodic Vehicle Testing'.

The test is designed to cover all areas of the vehicle which can make it unroadworthy; for example checking the lights, steering, brakes, suspension and bodywork.

Vehicles can pass or fail, however if they fail the severity of the problem can mean they are immediately impounded by DVS.

OBB offer a 'pre test check' which will identify any faults for you before the vehicle is submitted for the test, potentially saving you a major headache.

If we are servicing your vehicle we will naturally be checking it meets all the listed criteria too, and advising you if we find it falls short in any area.

As always, if you've any questions, feel free to contact us - we're here to help.